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hello 2017, we are ready for you

Tiffany Heaward

   Emily and I hope this New Year will bring us many joys and fewer hurdles. Acting on our dream has been an adventure these last few months. We have learned quite a bit of what it takes to open a business in the E-Commerce world. Many are hungry to get your business and spend your money, and it's a hard decision choosing the right path to explore. We have had a couple of hills to overcome, but we reached the other side quickly and better. We know soon the bumps in the road will be flat, and we can enjoy our new adventure with our amazing customers.
   It has also been very rainy and gloomy here in Tennessee this winter. This week especially. I am dying to see the sun or even a little snow. I mean come on, it is winter, and if you have to deal with the cold then you need a little snow to play in! My boys are waiting for that snow to drop out of the sky. I am just not sure it is going to happen this winter. On the plus side of no snow and ever changing temps, it has allowed Emily and me to do a little traveling. We took Backroads and Pearls on the road last weekend to Owensboro, Kentucky. We set our entire store up at this cute old school house turned into a gem of a shopping experience for those who like antiques, unique finds, and little oddity’s you can’t find at your brick and mortars.
   It wasn’t in our plan to do craft shows, Ladies Day Outs, or Market Days but we needed to find a way to allow our customers to get to know us, the faces behind the online shop. We enjoy getting to meet new people, helping them pick out clothes that fit their style and even getting them to try something out of their comfort zone. We get to interact with new vendors, make friends, find our unique gems and come home with hearts filled with happiness from the weekend.
   Our next trip will not be to set up our store anywhere but to attend the market in Atlanta. What is Market you ask? It is a huge building filled with many vendors and all their beautiful items for a business like ours to procure and bring to our customers. Emily and I are very excited to attend and hope to acquire some of the best spring and summer clothes that you can’t live without.
We know y’all are already thinking about spring break, outdoor concerts, bbq, boating, and summer because we are too. Only a few more months to go and we will all be outside laughing, playing and enjoy the outdoors with no coats or hats. Hang in there spring is just around the corner, in the meantime, you can start shopping our Spring Look for very soon.


Tiffany and Emily

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