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a name is more than just a name

Tiffany Heaward

   Why did we choose Backroads and Pearls for a business name?  My business partner Emily and I both live on dirt roads; she is a little more in the country while I am blessed to have obtained 5 acres in the city. Still, I live on a gravel/ dirt road. We wanted something country and something that described us. So Backroads it was. And Pearls, because in the South, no civilized country girl would go out without their pearls. It is just what we do. We wear our pearls. We wear them to Friday night football games, the grocery store, Saturday soccer practice, and even to eat lunch with our kids at school. Backroads and pearls are a staple in the South, and we love our southern roots.

   Opening a boutique has been a dream of ours for a few years. Emily and I met in 2009 at work, and when I left my job to raise two boys, we kept in touch through mutual friends. I returned to my full-time job about two years ago, and our friendship solidified. Just like most sisters, we were two peas in a pod. From going to the gym together, chatting it up on our runs, being each other's cheerleader, drinking wine (lots of wine), hollering at our kids, raising our children, and just sharing life we learned that this type of friendship is hard to find.

   Thank you for following us on this incredible new journey. We hope the styles that “We” bring you take you to happy places with your friends and loved ones. May your life always bring you more smiles than frowns and more laughter than tears. May your backroad be right around the bend and be a place for you to kick up your heels while wearing your pearls.

Tiffany and Emily

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